Esque Script : Nashville Based Calligraphy

Brides on a budget

Every bride wants the wedding of her dreams, but sometimes our bank accounts have other plans! I’ve never been one to take “no” for an answer, and I don’t want you to have to either! I’ve put together some tips so you can keep that handwritten¬†personal touch in your special day without going over budget. As always, if you have a custom request let me know and I’ll do my best to work something out with you!

Mono-line Addressing

This style of writing comes at a lower price (approx. $1.50-2.00 each) because it can be done with a fountain pen or marker, eliminating the need to dip a pen in ink or mix inks. I can do all of my Esque Script styles in a monoline look. You’ll see the difference between the script and monoline styles in the thick and thin lines. Below is a sample of my Lemon Ruth style done with the traditional dip pen style and again with the monoline style.

Envelope Colors

The darker the envelope, the more time it’s going to take to be written on. Choosing a black or dark colored envelope will cost more per piece to be addressed. If you know you have a tight budget but you want your addressing hand done, hold the envelope up to a window. If you can see through it then you’re in the clear! If you can’t see through it, the calligrapher is going to charge more to work with the envelope. (Though if you do have enough in the invitation budget, a bold dark envelope can really be striking!)


For your invitation design or save the date cards, I can create a single, custom designed stamp. Then you can choose your own paper and stamp away! This is a very cost effective way to create a very personalized look!


More tips coming soon!