Esque Script : Nashville Based Calligraphy

Basic Envelope Addressing:

Basic charges are for black ink on white (or light colored) good quality paper. Basic outer envelopes are for the standard three or four line address. Basic inner envelopes are for one line including name of Individual or couple. Special ink color requests can often be accommodated at no extra cost. However, dark envelopes, heavily lined envelopes, ink colors requiring mixing and other specialty services can increase charges. All addressing is done by hand, by me, with a dip pen and ink.

Outer Envelopes $3.25 each

Inner/Outer Sets $5.00 each

Layout and script style’s can be combined to create the perfect look for your event. Zip codes can be placed after the City and State or below the City and State. Standard envelope addressing will have staggered indents with the zip code on the line below City and State.

Please allow 7-10 days for every 100 envelopes.

An additional 10% of your total number of envelopes is required for every project (10 extra per 100).

Please provide the following information for a quote:

Quantity of Envelopes: ___________

Date of Event: ___________

Date envelopes must be completed: ___________

For more information on submitting your guest list, choosing your envelopes or any other questions please contact me at molly (at)