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August Calligraphy 101 and Calligraphy 2.0 Classes!

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I’m happy to announce my next round of calligraphy classes in August! September class dates will be announced towards the end of July/early Aug. Sign up for the mailing list to have first dibs! Please see below for more information…

August 8, 2015   :   Calligraphy 101   /   9am-1pm / SOLD OUT

August 8, 2015   :   Calligraphy 2.0   /   3pm-6pm

August 9, 2015   :   Calligraphy 101   /   9am-1pm / SOLD OUT


Calligraphy Class Nashville

Traditional and Modern Calligraphy with Molly Margaret : Calligraphy 101

In this class we will take a look at traditional calligraphy scripts and how to expand into more modern styles. You will walk away with knowledge on using the unique tools involved in dip pen calligraphy, traditional and modern lettering styles, paper and ink choices and more!

This class will be a one day workshop from 9am-1pm. You can chose between Saturday or Sunday’s class when you register.


We will explore how to use different nibs, pen holders, guidelines, ink and paper. The first part of class will be focused on traditional copperplate letterforms. It’s important to understand the foundations when learning a new skill. This part will give you an understanding of the main concepts of calligraphy.


In the second part we will look at how to expand your skills. We will dive into a more modern calligraphy styles, learn more about paper selection and go over any other questions!

My goal is to help you begin a journey in calligraphy. I’ll take time with each student to provide you with techniques and tips to further your skills.

Supplies list:

Oblique Pen Holder ( I recommend getting a holder like the Oblique Peerless Holder, Hourglass Adjustable Oblique Holder or Century Oblique Holder. The Speedball holder will also work but it’s less ideal.) ** Left handers- please bring a straight pen holder. It’s easier to work with sometimes **

2 nibs of your choice. I recommend the following for beginners: Zebra G or Nikko G

I will provide you with paper and ink.

Class Time:

August 8, 2015   9am-1pm OR August 9, 2015   9am-1pm

Class Cost : $55

Class size: 4-14 students

Location: Paper & Ink Arts, 240 Great Circle Road, STE 328, Nashville, TN 37228

Register below:

Thank you for your interest! However, Calligraphy 101 classes for August are sold out. Please join the mailing list (see above right corner of blog) to be alerted when September’s class dates are announced! Thanks!


August 9, 2015

Calligraphy 2.0 : Experimenting with inks, flourishes and projects
Calligraphy Class Nashville Advanced

Now that you’ve learned the basics it’s time to dive in deeper! Come expand your calligraphy skills in this 3 hour advanced class. We will look at working with colored inks, intro flourishing, modern variations and overall composition. It’s time to take all of the practice you’ve been doing with traditional calligraphy and expand your letterforms in new modern ways. We’ll look at edgy to romantic scripts as well as how to draw banners and other foliage to accent your calligraphy.

If you’ve been practicing at home please bring in your practice work. I’ll be happy to go over how we can challenge ourselves by reviewing our own work and offer constructive feedback.

You’ll leave class with the ability to use unique letterforms, add flourishes to your calligraphy and create a variety of projects with fun inks and papers.

Students will be in a class of 14. I’ll cover a concept and then walk around to provide one on one guidance.

Since this class will be more advanced please be familiar with using a penholder with nib and the copperplate script before registering.

Class Supplies:
– oblique pen holder
– 2 nibs of choice
– straight pen holder (optional)

Inks, paper and fun paints will be provided. We’re going to play with gold ink!

Class Time:

August 9, 2015 3pm-6pm

Class Cost : $55

Class size: 4-14 students (a minimum of 4 students is required for this class)

Location: Paper & Ink Arts, 240 Great Circle Road, STE 328, Nashville, TN 37228



More flourishing & project examples:


*** Class fees are not refundable. However, if you need to cancel your registration I will honor a one time class fee exchange if you give me notice 7 days prior to the class date. You will be able to use your class fee towards a future class. Please alert me if you would like to register for a class using a previous payment. Please note, you can switch class days one time. If you cancel twice I will not honor your previous payment. Thank you for understanding! ***